Fiery red metal, cool to the touch. Luminous berries atop darkened leaves. COPPER is an olfactive interrogation of perceived differences and their harmonious alignment.

A blend of distinct olfactive components: vivid pinks positioned against deep greens. Bright contrasts reveal new clarity. Ingredients found across the globe find unity in a single scent.
Fresh galbanum harvested atop the Iranian mountains; luminous peppercorns picked in Peru; rhizomes of spicy Madagascan ginger distilled into oil.
Chemically synthesized metals underscore natural notes. Artificial amber, natural vanilla and Ethiopian myrrh engrave sensuality beneath.
Like rust corroding a golden sheen, with time COPPER evolves on the skin.



Encased within a copper vessel, organically formed and industrially made, COPPER transforms contradictions into compatibility. The subversive spirit of Comme des Garçons explored through scent.

COPPER is now available in store, 100ml 140€.






Sun Buddies SS20

SS20 delivery from Sun Buddies has arrived. Our selection includes familiar classic styles and colors along with colorful pieces.

Stone Island SS20 2nd delivery

Second SS20 delivery from Stone Island has arrived. All the arrived items are listed below:


mina perhonen x Karhu

karhu_mina_logo.jpgThis Saturday we’re having an exciting visitor from the sneaker world. minä perhonen and Karhu announce their Karhu Albatross 82 collaboration to celebrate clothing brand minä perhonen’s 25th anniversary.

The minä perhonen label name originates in Finnish, as designer Akira Minagawa sympathized with Scandinavian culture when he first visited Finland at the age of 19. In Finnish, minä means ‘I’ and perhonen means ‘butterfly,’ resulting in the name “minä perhonen.” The brand was founded with a strong desire to create beautiful designs like those of the butterfly’s wings.

minä perhonen’s reflection on society and poetic sentiments towards the natural world combine well with Karhu’s 100 year old brand history and appreciation of the Finnish outdoors. Against this background the collaboration was created, a universal design, yet a new take on the everyday pre-sent.

The Karhu “Albatross 82,” a Japanese favourite, is selected as the base for two of minä perhonen’s fabric de-signs. Light-inspired watercolours inside pencil drawn ovals printed on fabric, is the textile design called “jelly-beans”. The second design, “land puzzle” combines different patterns of weave structures and represents awide view of earth as if flying above the sky. The insoles feature the logos of both partners. The shoe box featu-res minä perhonen’s iconic “tambourine” textile design.

These two colorways for the shoes will be available in sizes US 4.5-7.5 starting Saturday 18.1. 11.00. Price 130€. Welcome!


Vyner Articles SS20


With Spring Summer 20, Vyner Articles revisits American pop and vernacular culture through a set of personal references for a collection anchored in workwear meant for artists to appropriate. Pop culture and pop art is at the heart of Heikki Salonen’s inspiration with his fourth collection with Vyner Articles, the brand he founded in 2018 around the central idea of creating workwear for the creative ones.

“I was looking at ancient photographs from the wild west, specifically of gold miners and their environment, taking this particular American workwear idea and transposing it into a popculture mashup where Andy Warhol meets Skinny Puppy and Burzum. Bringing bright pop elements into a much darker context, adding cultural elements of my native Finland where opposites melt to create an organised chaos” explains Salonen.

Californian gold rush of the late 1800 collides with Warhol bright pop in a full gold suitin foiled cotton canvas is presented along T-shirt stating TotalChaos in a very organised manner, a wink to Burzum, the legendary Norwegian black metal band considered as the most influential acts in the history of the dark musical genre.

Animal prints, specifically leopard takes a twisted turn when looked up close, where some of the animal spots spellout Chaos, again in methodic formation for animal lovers like one of Salonen’s all time favourite band, Skinny Puppy who were fighting for animal rights in the Vancouver of the early 80s withindustrialmusic.The skullhead,arecurrentthemeoftheAmericansubcultureistransformed into a famous skullhead Finnish liquorice sweet«Salmiakki» very popular in Finland, makes for yet another wink at Warhol over protective art career.

Find the following items of Vyner Articles new collection in store now:


Acne Studios SS20

First arrivals of men’s SS20 collection from Acne Studios are here. These and some more new season arrivals are now available in store.



Set to be unveiled in early 2020, A.P.C. and Carhartt WIP have once again joined forces to create a collaborative capsule collection, as part of the A.P.C.’s ongoing interaction series. A natural fit for both brands, off the back of a collaborative relationship that spanned four collections between 2011 and 2013, this partnership sees a combination of both brands’ identities and iconography, as Carhartt WIP’s ‘C’ emblem is swapped into the renowned A.P.C. motif.

 The collection itself features iconic Carhartt WIP pieces, reinterpreted by the Paris-based brand and executed in its own fabrics. The classic Michigan Chore Coat, for example, has been reworked in a sleeker looking cotton, compared to its traditional, rugged canvas base.

Dries Van Noten SS20

Inspired by his own home garden Dries van Noten brings bold floral prints and colors to his SS20 collection. The collection also includes artwork made by Mika Ninagawa in collaboration with graphic designer YOSHIROTTEN.


Season sale starts on Friday 27.12. Find almost all FW19 items with -30% discount.


New brand in Beam: Heron Preston


We had pleasure to add Heron Preston in to our brand mix for the Spring /Summer 20 season.

Heron Preston is a fashion designer whose eponymous label features sport- and streetwear-inspired separates and accessories for both women and men. Additionally, he is a DJ, a consultant, an art director, and a collaborator.

Preston was born and raised in San Francisco. He received a B.B.A. in design and management from Parsons School of Design in New York City in 2008. From that point, Preston would work for both Nike and Kanye West before founding his own eponymous label, which was launched in September 2016. Preston’s nascent brand signatures were soon defined: the frequent use of a
near-fluorescent orange hue, the Cyrillic word for “style,” interpretations of herons
as avian prints, and further collaborations including link-ups with Carhartt, Virgil
Abloh’s Off-White, Nike, and, even, NASA.

Preston has received a number of high-profile accolades in his impressive ascent: he is on both the Business of Fashion’s BoF 500 and Hypebeast 100 lists. He is also a 2019 Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Emerging Designer of the Year nominee. Preston lives between New York City and Milan, and shows his collections during Paris Fashion Week.


Heron Preston’s combined womenswear and menswear Spring/Summer 2020 collection takes its cues from big city living—particularly New York City, where Preston has been a resident for over twenty years.

Workwear and formalwear are hybridized with a singular, urbane calibration. Tailoring is introduced, but its treatment is lean and youthglancing. A three-button sport coat is roomier in cut, while a blazer is elongated and accented by contrasting panels. Vests—inspired specifically by safety garments that are used when builders need to hook themselves into structures at work sites—are often styled on top, adding a layered, functional impact. Trousers are loose at the break; accessories are dynamic and all-purpose, including squaretoe sandals, mesh-wrapped shower slides, all-terrain sneakers, convertible handbags and new-to-market backpacks. The trans-seasonal graphic medley for which Preston is known is present, but the aesthetic has evolved.

The designer debuts a “spray camo” print, featuring a greyscale camouflage motif overlaid with the label’s signature orange hue. The visual is not meant to suggest graffiti, but rather, the high-vis demarcations and directives seen sprawled on raw concrete swaths at construction zones. Preston’s color palette is softer and lighter for Spring, with an emphasis on neutrals: beiges, grays, yellows, peach-skins. Contrasting moments in black or bright orange offset the quietude; imagery and textile manipulations disrupt the calm.

An eco-friendly, low-waste methodology is central to the Heron Preston ethos. Up-cycling, low carbon-footprint production, and majority reusable set materials are all preeminent focal points this season. Moreover, while organic materials have been used in previous collections, Spring sees the introduction of recyclable nylon and tweed, and pineapple leather.

Here’s what we received in store with the first delivery. Stay tuned for more arrivals.