Greetings from Iceland: Andrea Maack unisex perfumes now in Beam

Andrea Maack is a visual artist working across many disciplines including painting, installation, photography and sculpture. In 2011 she turned a series of scented art exhibitions into a global beauty brand. The unusual combination of  a visual artist working with scent became an instant hit within the niche beauty sector.

When designing a new scent, Maack begins with a starting point of purity, natural freshness and scientific explorations. She then captures the essence of her art with absolute precicion, resulting in the highest quality unisex fragrances encapsulated in an exquisite obsidian-inspired bottle housed in gender neutral boxes with Maack’s original painting.

 Today the fragrance collection consist of three different scents that are all available from Beam.


Originally created for a temporary museum exhibition and never intended to be worn as a personal fragrance the character of Craft is illusive, dynamic and exciting, a fragrance for those who stand out from the crowd. With its icy, metallic opening, the scent deepens in complexity with the introduction of cedarwood in the middle notes, and a base of patchouli that anchors the fragrance in familiar territory.

Aldehydes, Elemi, Cold Metal, Ice, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Black pepper, White pepper

50ml, 98€


Soft Tension is a sensual white musk inspired by a thick mysterious fog. Like a white desert, the fog is a place to get lost in and let go. This fragrance is a bold mix of musks combined with freesia that grounds itself in the skin. Black raw materials are mixed with white ones such as mate absolute, cedar wood and moss creating the soft tension.

Freesia-Musk-Mate Absolut-Cedar Wood-Moss

50ml, 98€



DUAL is a unisex sport fragrance inspired by the calming water of the natural hot springs in the Icelandic highlands. This fragrance mimics the feeling of fresh water on the skin and the intense color spectrum surrounding the hot spring lagoons. The powerful, uplifting aromas of ginger, lemon and pink pepper coexists with the grounded woody elements of dry amber and cedar wood resulting in an enlivening scent experience.

Ginger-Lemon- Pink pepper-Dry Amber-Cedarwood

50ml 98€