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Comme des Garçons Old Factory Library series brings back the old perfume favorites

Comme des Garçons Parfum has created over 75 different perfumes since 1994, each one with its own loyal customers. The idea was to create a library of fragrances to record the entire olfactory history of the brand. Back by popular demand, the 10 first scents of the Olfactory Library are as innovative today as they were on their debut. From the first Cologne launched in 1996 to our groundbreaking Series 6 Synthetic, rediscover these Comme des Garçons Parfum classics.

We just got five of the ten Old Factory Library items in store:



Eau de Cologne was created as a light, fresh and dynamic fragrance, a “feel good energy giving” scent. The bottom note is based on the original perfume “Eau de Parfum” with added citrus fruit and flower based fragrances. The underlying Amber gives it weight and strength. Finally comes the bouquet of freesia, magnolia and rose flowers.

Perfumer: Mark Buxton


The concept for LEAVES, the first series, was ”The Seven Sensations”: Light, Sight, Touch, Air, Smell, Emotion and Memory. A range of five new Eau de Toilette embodying our constant research in the realm of olfactory sensations based on the idea of green.


Calamus is a reed plant in the marshes, green and fresh, blowing in the wind epitomized by the young bamboo leaf and the celery grains. Verdant pastures in a modern world.

Perfumer: Bertrand Duchaufour


The freshly bloomed lily, delicate, and its green leave.

Perfumer: Florence Idier


Socially incorrect fragrances based on man-made places and materials of daily life. Ground breaking anti-perfumes pushing beyond the realm of traditional fragrances.

8/ TAR

Grilled cigarettes teamed with town gas and bergamot.

Perfumer: Nathalie Feisthauer


Traces of kerosene teamed with vetiver and cedarwood.

Perfumer: Marie-Aude Couture



Black PLAY Converse Chuck Taylor in high and low version now in store. Available sizes UK 4-11. Be fast to catch yours! 

It’s here! Comme des Garçons Play in store

Comme des Garçons just delivered their first drop of Play goods for this Spring. Our selection includes navy/white striped long sleeve for men and women as well as black and white short sleeve tees for both men and women.

For women there’s also white/grey and  white/orange striped long sleeve and for men the basic black and white long sleeve tee with red heart. Get yours while they’re here!

Latest arrivals for our CDG Perfume selection


SERPENTINE is a collaborative bespoke unisex fragrance. Bottle and box design by Tracey Emin.  The perfume finds fresh and tender green notes from Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park and interplaying and juxtaposing them with the smells of London, the circulation of its traffic and its air. A fragrance that symbolises Nature in a City. Composed of grass, leaves, pollen (galbanum, iris leaf), oxygene (aldehyde, ozone), asphalt (black musks, nutmeg), labdanum and smoked cedar with a little bit of pollution (benzoin, juniper wood, gaïac wood).


WHITE, bright & Light. Retaining some of the stimulating spices from Eau de Parfum, White also contains white flowers such as Lily of the Valley and White May Rose. Pomegranate, Tagette Absolute, Pepper, Coriander, Cardamon, May Rose, Lily of the Valley, Cinnamon Leaf, Clove, Nutmeg, Cedar Wood


Eau de Cologne series contains scents Vettiveru, Citrico and Anbar.




ENCENS: A bold fusion of mystical incense and
crushed Artemisia contrasted with blazing frozen spices.

SANTAL:  An iced, cooling Australian sandalwood
accompanied with warm pine notes and
sharp juniper berries. Mediterranean parasol pine, juniper berry essence, blue pepper, Australian

CEDRAT: An unexpected alliance of fiery Virginian
cedarwood with metallic rose and a zesty, bitter quinine accord.Italian cedar, bitter quinine accord (juniper berries, Angelica roots), metallic rose,
Virginian cedarwood.

Big re-stock for Comme des Garçons Parfum series in store

These perfumes are now in stock either in 100ml, 50ml or 30ml bottle size.