Diemme is a high-end brand with a collection that ranges from sneakers to mountaineering boots readapted for city use. The ambition is to produce the highest quality artisan goods with an exceptional level of comfort, with progressive designs as well as sharply executed takes on classic styles.

All Diemme shoes are made in Italy at the Calzaturificio Diemme factory in Onè di Fonte, Veneto. The small town in Northeastern Italy is regarded as one of the most important areas for production and research of performance footwear. Diemme draws on the region’s rich heritage in order to create a modern product built on a foundation of performance-driven production methods. Every production step is performed locally in Veneto.

Diemme hikers for FW19


Diemme is back in our selection for FW19 and this time the classic hiker Roccia Vet has some company with new styles Civetta and Maser.

Roccia Vet is available in Black suede sizes 37-45 and in Leopard 37-40,5. New styles Civetta and Maser are available in sizes  37-40,5.


Roccia Vet Leo




Maser  Suede