Acne Studios Blå Konst for men

Our men’s Acne Studios’ Blå Konst selection just got better as we received our first batch of their SS18 denim. Model Land is now added to our denim selection in Mid Blue wash. It’s a classic loose 5 pocket denim made out of rigid Japanese denim.

In addition to this we have River, 5 pocket with tapered legs and North, 5 pocket with slim straight fit. River and North are available in many washes.


Acne Studios Canada scarves back in stock

The classic woolen Canada scarf by Acne Studios is now back in stock with old favorite shades Grey, Black and Pale Pink. Blue Melange and Orange are added as new colour ways for SS18.

Come and pick yours before they’re gone!

NEW Comme Des Garçons Parfums

We have added new fragrances to our collection of CDG Parfums.


In a world where concrete is ubiquitous, the mundane fabric of urban cityscapes, now it is given disparate context: the uniquely refined realm of perfumery. Here, the prosaic is treated as precious; stereotypes subverted. A versatile material finds an unpredictable form. An exploration of destruct ion, construction and creation, CONCRETE is a fragrance where material preconceptions are deftly demolished, paving the way for something new.


Destruction: The richness of Sandalwood is shattered to reveal its very essence, a radically new scent emerging from its fractured form.

Construction: New contrasts are created through familiar fabrics. Industrial synthetics pierce natural familiarity; artificial Rose oxide distorts an opulent woody overdose.

Creation: Layers of resinous warmth are lacquered with metallic seams, built upon a foundation of Comme des Garçons’ spice signature

The juice is contained within a shell of concrete and glass, hand-finished and held within a pocket of bubble-wrap. No longer does concrete create hegemony: here, each vessel is uniquely formed. Irregularity is celebrated. Abstracted from its monolithic framework, this material has a startling impact; it commands fresh interpretation, invites new impressions. An investigation into subjectivity and context, here archetypes of beauty and conventions of luxury are wholly dissembled by Comme des Garçons. An exceptional scent created from fragments of familiarity, CONCRETE is Comme des Garçons disruptive approach to design distilled into scent.

Eau de parfum 80ml


Created by Comme des Garçons and inspired by the original citrus scent Warhol used for the 1967 artwork. The chief top notes are bitter orange, aldehydes and makrut lime zest. The crushed leaves and rind of the makrut fruit emit an intense citrus fragrance, and is used in cooking in Asia.

The middle notes consist of jasmine, coriander leaf and pittosporum. Many herbivores detest the resinous pittosporums, in particular their seeds, which will stick anywhere, but some animals eat them with relish, for example the Kea (Nestor Notabilis). The flowers, white in color and star shaped, exude an odor that evokes that of the “ Fleur d’Oranger “ but fresher, more concentrated and very faintly honeyed.

At the base of the fragrance, there are cashmere wood, musk and metallic amber. Contrary to the classic amber scent which is powdery, oriental and lustful, the metallic amber accord is much more modern, nervous and explosive.

Eau de toilette 100ml



Socially incorrect fragrances based on man-made places and materials of daily life. Ground breaking anti-perfumes pushing beyond the realm of traditional fragrances.

Soda is lime teamed with ginger and pepper.
Eau de toilette 50ml

Acne Studios capsule collection ”The Diner” now available in Beam

Acne Studios presents the Diner collection – a unisex capsule collection inspired by classical American diners and bars. Clothing and accessories are embroidered with graphic prints according to the theme, such as red lipstick, ice cubes with a cherry and a telephone.

Here’s our selection of the collection that releases world wide in selected stores on November 2nd.


Calis soft cap in Black


Flames sweat


Calis cap in Red


Noise tee


Fog Hood Black with telephone print in the back


Fog hood Purple with cherry print in the back

Lipstick keyring