Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali began her business in 1967 as a shop owner, bringing clothes from London to New York, selling vintage clothing, making styles in her sample room, and selling them from her retail store.

Her goal from that first day as an entrepreneur through today was to have the freedom to be creative, and to use that creativity to design styles for women that would ultimately make them feel good.

Norma is known as an innovator, inventor, and designer. The Sleeping Bag Coat, the High Heeled Sneaker, and the Parachute Collection are all iconic Norma concepts.

In 1980, she was the first to present the innovative Sweats Collection, the forerunner of casual sportswear sometimes known as athleisure. Active Sportswear is a core part of her brand. Her influential Swimwear is recognized globally as highly directional and has remained an influence in the market for decades. The Farrah Fawcett swimsuit in the famous poster is now in the Smithsonian Institute.

Her brand is based on every aspect of a woman’s life, from fitness, health, beauty, and style to entrepreneurship, and is the mantra of the company.

New brand in Beam – Norma Kamali

Andre Leon Talley_Ike Edeani_The New York Times_8_30_17

Eponymous label Norma Kamali has just been added to our brand rage. We got these over-sized coats with either knee or long lenght. The long version is available in black and red and mid lenght in black and camo.

Welcome to check the most awesome coats we’ve seen for a while!