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Artworkwear, everyday workwear for the creative ones.

London based Vyner Articles is dedicated to create a relevant menswear seasonal wardrobe, equally made to be worn by women.

Vyner Articles is named after Vyner Street, in London’s East End, where the Creative Director and Founder Heikki Salonen lives and works. Elements from Vyner Street, such as a neon sign Trapped in Freedom created by artist Marlon Brown adorning the façade of the studio, as well as  the opposite establishment, a much loved pub The Victory, are nodded to through prints within the collections and constitute foundational elements of the brand’s family values.

The garments are simple and made of humble materials, keeping the focus on perfecting workwear staples beyond the sentimental with special attention to prints, treatments and fabric manipulations. The design process mixes and cross references multiples ideas on several levels where familiar elements are introduced within a surprising context. The collections are ethically made using principally organic materials.


Vyner Articles SS20


With Spring Summer 20, Vyner Articles revisits American pop and vernacular culture through a set of personal references for a collection anchored in workwear meant for artists to appropriate. Pop culture and pop art is at the heart of Heikki Salonen’s inspiration with his fourth collection with Vyner Articles, the brand he founded in 2018 around the central idea of creating workwear for the creative ones.

“I was looking at ancient photographs from the wild west, specifically of gold miners and their environment, taking this particular American workwear idea and transposing it into a popculture mashup where Andy Warhol meets Skinny Puppy and Burzum. Bringing bright pop elements into a much darker context, adding cultural elements of my native Finland where opposites melt to create an organised chaos” explains Salonen.

Californian gold rush of the late 1800 collides with Warhol bright pop in a full gold suitin foiled cotton canvas is presented along T-shirt stating TotalChaos in a very organised manner, a wink to Burzum, the legendary Norwegian black metal band considered as the most influential acts in the history of the dark musical genre.

Animal prints, specifically leopard takes a twisted turn when looked up close, where some of the animal spots spellout Chaos, again in methodic formation for animal lovers like one of Salonen’s all time favourite band, Skinny Puppy who were fighting for animal rights in the Vancouver of the early 80s withindustrialmusic.The skullhead,arecurrentthemeoftheAmericansubcultureistransformed into a famous skullhead Finnish liquorice sweet«Salmiakki» very popular in Finland, makes for yet another wink at Warhol over protective art career.

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New brand: Vyner Articles



For it’s third season, Vyner Articles taps into darker inspirations, keeping away from the usually fresh and clean stereotype of work wear. Tying up rockstars, boyscouts and murder mysteries, Heikki Salonen designed the collection with some of his long time obsessions in mind, including James Ostenberg Jr, better know as Iggy Pop and Agatha Christie’s murder mystery universe.  The two, bonded into an unusual association are visually colliding with the strange adventure novel Scouts in Bondagefor AW19’s collection.

“I have been watching a lot of documentaries about Iggy Pop who is one of my heroes and I started designing with him in mind. Another all time inspiration of mine is Agatha Christie and the amazing artworks for her book cover in the 60s. While I was drawing the collection with ink, I remembered Geoffrey Prout’s murder mystery book “Scouts in Bondage” and thought this is where Iggy meets Agatha. It all ties together in a fictional dark crime infused context.”explains Salonen. The collection is articulated around a take on classic finish and international boyscout uniforms along with Vyner Articles classic bandanas and their slides reminiscing boyscout’s neckerchiefs.

Over dyed bandanas in white and black are assembled into unique workwear outfits as classic shirts, shorts and workers pants are mixed with T-shirts and sweatshirts in purple and maroon, official colours of the world organisation of the scout movement. The boyscout meets bondage with darker rock infused pieces such as a stripy turtleneckt-shirt adorned with redesigned dark rock patches, graphic T-shirt paying hommage to Agatha Christie in the style of the 60s murder mystery book covers.


The colour palette, originating in a decorative scout blanket hanging at Vyner Articles headquarter in London, features the typical scout tonalities of maroons and purples mixed with glowing blues, over-dyed black and white. The workwear fabrics are worn and broken giving texture to the organic cotton. A graphic T-shirt proposes a dark interpretation of tie-dye using the splodge acid technique which along the over-dyed garments and the hand-stitched shoulder details are all handmade in Italy.

For the first season with Vyner Articles we’ve collected a nice selection of printed tees, hoodies and sweatshirts not forgetting the bandana’s known already from Vyner’s first two collections.

Here’s a peek to their FW19 collection and to the selection we have.

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