New brand in store: AGONIST PARFUMS

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AGONIST is a Swedish Perfume House launched 2008. Today AGONIST is regarded as one of the most sought after and unique brands within the international niche market of perfumes. The unique and dramatic artistic expressions from AGONIST is derived from the beauty of Scandinavian nature and culture.


AGONIST is founded by the creative couple Christine and Niclas Lydeen. Christine has a background in fashion and studied at Studio Bercot in Paris where she due to her french roots lived and worked before moving back to Sweden where she met Niclas, an Art Director and visual artist. Together they realized their dream of working artistically with fragrance.

Today AGONIST presents 12 individual unisex fragrances developed in close collaboration with renowned perfumers. Each scent is based on the conceptual ideas conceived by the creators in their atelier in the Swedish Archipelago.

We now carry four different scents from AGONIST’s amazing selection of perfumes.


BLUE NORTH is a scented tribute to the beauty of the dark and cold season of the north. The art that grows under the great darkblue skies and the harsch conditions that influence the way we work. The Blue North olfactive pyramid takes it inspiration from hope, longing and light in a sophisticated composition with a woody base of cedar and sandalwood, a heart of orris, mint and fresh gingerroots and it all begins with a captivating top of cardemom and rosemary. The cold Scandinavia has never smellt so good.

T O P N O T E S : Cardamom, Rosemary Pure, Spearmint

B O D Y N O T E S : Mint, Orris, Fresh Ginger Roots, Heliotrope

B A S E N O T E S : White Cedar, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk


DARK SAPHIR, a beautifully balanced and captivating fragrance inspired by the Sapphire stone with its remarkable hardness and strenght – yet refined, details and light elegance. The power, beauty and durabililty of the Sapphire translated into fragrance.

T O P N O T E S : Violet Leaves, Black Pepper, Cumin, Coriander, Ginger, Bergamot, Rehan, Peach, Raspberry

B O D Y N O T E S : Rose, Iris, Jasmine, Geranium, Carrot, Carnation, Orchid, Heliotrope, Cinnamon

B A S E N O T E S : Oud, Patchouli, Gaiac Wood, Cistus, Vanilla, Copaiba, Olibanum


ONYX PEARL, when two become one. Masculinity and femininity have no boundaries anymore. Seductive and enchanting, Onyx Pearl is pure Oud. A close encounter of oriental flowers, mixed with White Leather, Heliotrope, Australian Sandalwood and White musk.

TOP NOTES: Oriental Flowers, Arabian Oud, White Leather

B O D Y N O T E S : Heliotrope, Indian Amber, Indonesian Patchouli

B A S E N O T E S : Australian Sandalwood, Virginia Cedarwood, Whitemusk


NO 10 WHITE OUD, when dark meets white. The fantasy of an OUD from the north. White Oud is a visionary illusion recreated by essences. The white part is a mixture of three different musks, the oud’s sensation is recreated by cypriol, dry wood, leather and suede. It’s velveltry and narcotic, cooconing and energetic.

T O P N O T E S : Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Green Mandarin, Black Currant, Petitgrain, Blackpepper

B O D Y N O T E S : Ozonic Accord, Vigna Peach, Ginger Roots, Litseacubeba, Galbanum

B A S E N O T E S : Tonkabean Abs, Benzoin, Cistus Abs, Patchouli, Woody Amber

All the bottles are 50ml and the price for all of them is 125€.