Vyner Articles SS20


With Spring Summer 20, Vyner Articles revisits American pop and vernacular culture through a set of personal references for a collection anchored in workwear meant for artists to appropriate. Pop culture and pop art is at the heart of Heikki Salonen’s inspiration with his fourth collection with Vyner Articles, the brand he founded in 2018 around the central idea of creating workwear for the creative ones.

“I was looking at ancient photographs from the wild west, specifically of gold miners and their environment, taking this particular American workwear idea and transposing it into a popculture mashup where Andy Warhol meets Skinny Puppy and Burzum. Bringing bright pop elements into a much darker context, adding cultural elements of my native Finland where opposites melt to create an organised chaos” explains Salonen.

Californian gold rush of the late 1800 collides with Warhol bright pop in a full gold suitin foiled cotton canvas is presented along T-shirt stating TotalChaos in a very organised manner, a wink to Burzum, the legendary Norwegian black metal band considered as the most influential acts in the history of the dark musical genre.

Animal prints, specifically leopard takes a twisted turn when looked up close, where some of the animal spots spellout Chaos, again in methodic formation for animal lovers like one of Salonen’s all time favourite band, Skinny Puppy who were fighting for animal rights in the Vancouver of the early 80s withindustrialmusic.The skullhead,arecurrentthemeoftheAmericansubcultureistransformed into a famous skullhead Finnish liquorice sweet«Salmiakki» very popular in Finland, makes for yet another wink at Warhol over protective art career.

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