COMME des GARÇONS launching new perfumes

COMME des GARÇONS launches four new perfumes. Three of them being part of new series called CLASH and one of them is a new addition to their well known Monocle series.



CLASH is a whole new series of three new scents. The series fosters the strength of differences, bringing together elements that were never meant to be associated in surprising alliances. Inspired by the art of surrealist collages, COMME des GARÇONS perfume art director Christian Astuguevieille researched what comes when two raw materials that were never organically intended to meet collide, creating a new form all together. From this exciting experiment in unchartered olfactory grounds emerge 3 surprising new scents. These Eau de Perfumes are sold in 30ml bottles, all now available in store.

CELLULOID x GALBANUM: Clash fosters the strength of differences, bringing together elements that were never meant to be associated in surprising alliances, inspired by the art of surrealist collages.
The Association of Celluloid and Galbanum is by essence contradictory. Originating from the opposite realms of technology and nature, plastic and resin converge in creating a whole new scent.

Lemon oil, Galbanum heart Lmr, Celluloid Accord, Jasmine Absolute Lmr, Cashmeran, Dry amber, Musk

CHLOROPHYLL x GARDENIA: Gardenia is a very distinctive note, known as a feminine and heady scent. Comme des Garçons worked on breaking down this overpowering essence with the freshness of Chlorophyll. An unusual encounter that blossom into a new floral green composition.

Cosmofruit, Gardenia, Spearmint oil, Pepper pink co2 LMR, Black pepper oil Madagascar LMR, Galbanum oil LMR, Pea Accord, Musk

RADISH x VETIVER: Radish and Vetiver are both roots that were never meant to cross paths underground.
The result is a modern enhanced Vetiver.

Radish (Raphanus Sativus), Cypriol Essence India (Papyrus), Guaiac Wood Essence Paraguay, Vetiver Essence Haiti, Akigalawood



New Monocle scent Yoyogi follows the success of Scent One: Hinoki;
Scent Two: Laurel; and Scent Three: Sugi. This fourth addition to Monocle x Comme des Garçons series, “ Yoyogi “, is inspired by Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park and designed to evoke the sensation of an early-morning run around the park with its damp, sweet and green notes. The new scent is the first addition to the range since 2013.

Created in Paris by perfumer Nathalie Cetto, the fragrance was conceived by monocle founder and
editor in chief Tyler Brûlé and Comme des Garçons founder and ceo Adrian Joffe. The appealing unisex
product takes its woody lead from cypress, freshly mown grass and wormwood. The energising fragrance was perfected in the laboratory of Switzerland’s Givaudan.

“It has been 11 years since we
started with our first scent, Hinoki, and the admiration I have for Tyler and his creativity only grows
stronger. This is a great addition to our series and I have been wearing it all summer.”
Each element of Yoyogi’s packaging was created by monocle’s in-house design team. The design
and typography were overseen with the same sharp editorial eye that unites the magazine’s pages.
The tactile glass of the 50ml perfume bottle features monocle’s signature font and roundel.

INGREDIENTS: Cypress essence, English grass accord, Wormwood essence Roman Chamomile essence, Oakmoss extract, Thuja essence Patchouli coeur essence, Incense resinoid & Incense essence, Vetiver essence.

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