Heron Preston FW20


 The phrase It’s All Good, It’s All Fucked, is taken from Juliana Spahr’s critically acclaimed book, That Winter The Wolf Came, described as ‘a revelation of the possibilities for resistance in the present’. “Look at the world as the largest construction zone that we’ve ever witnessed, it’s like a work in progress,” says Preston. “It’s this idea of picking apart and putting it back together in better ways with new solutions, innovations and new technologies. Using your brain to imagine a better world and then designing that into reality.”

Workwear, a passion of Heron Preston for its integrity and sense of purpose, is worn by doers. It is the most authentic form of streetwear, seen everywhere from the mail-carrier to the sanitation department worker. FW20 includes recycled nylons, guaranteed water-proof and breatheable; cordura puffers; functional pockets on dressed-up tailoring and waterproof zipper details. Waffled denim is inspired by Japanese construction worker outfits, and wool felt has a touch-reactive membrane. Informed choices are our intention going forward, with HPC navigating certified materials and practices through constantly improving traceability. Preston’s collection-in-a-collection, Uniform, is additionally a dedicated space for research, experimentation and development around sustainability.

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