New brand in Beam: Heron Preston



We had pleasure to add Heron Preston in to our brand mix for the Spring /Summer 20 season.

Heron Preston is a fashion designer whose eponymous label features sport- and streetwear-inspired separates and accessories for both women and men. Additionally, he is a DJ, a consultant, an art director, and a collaborator.

Preston was born and raised in San Francisco. He received a B.B.A. in design and management from Parsons School of Design in New York City in 2008. From that point, Preston would work for both Nike and Kanye West before founding his own eponymous label, which was launched in September 2016. Preston’s nascent brand signatures were soon defined: the frequent use of a
near-fluorescent orange hue, the Cyrillic word for “style,” interpretations of herons
as avian prints, and further collaborations including link-ups with Carhartt, Virgil
Abloh’s Off-White, Nike, and, even, NASA.

Preston has received a number of high-profile accolades in his impressive ascent: he is on both the Business of Fashion’s BoF 500 and Hypebeast 100 lists. He is also a 2019 Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Emerging Designer of the Year nominee. Preston lives between New York City and Milan, and shows his collections during Paris Fashion Week.


Heron Preston’s combined womenswear and menswear Spring/Summer 2020 collection takes its cues from big city living—particularly New York City, where Preston has been a resident for over twenty years.

Workwear and formalwear are hybridized with a singular, urbane calibration. Tailoring is introduced, but its treatment is lean and youthglancing. A three-button sport coat is roomier in cut, while a blazer is elongated and accented by contrasting panels. Vests—inspired specifically by safety garments that are used when builders need to hook themselves into structures at work sites—are often styled on top, adding a layered, functional impact. Trousers are loose at the break; accessories are dynamic and all-purpose, including squaretoe sandals, mesh-wrapped shower slides, all-terrain sneakers, convertible handbags and new-to-market backpacks. The trans-seasonal graphic medley for which Preston is known is present, but the aesthetic has evolved.

The designer debuts a “spray camo” print, featuring a greyscale camouflage motif overlaid with the label’s signature orange hue. The visual is not meant to suggest graffiti, but rather, the high-vis demarcations and directives seen sprawled on raw concrete swaths at construction zones. Preston’s color palette is softer and lighter for Spring, with an emphasis on neutrals: beiges, grays, yellows, peach-skins. Contrasting moments in black or bright orange offset the quietude; imagery and textile manipulations disrupt the calm.

An eco-friendly, low-waste methodology is central to the Heron Preston ethos. Up-cycling, low carbon-footprint production, and majority reusable set materials are all preeminent focal points this season. Moreover, while organic materials have been used in previous collections, Spring sees the introduction of recyclable nylon and tweed, and pineapple leather.

Here’s what we received in store with the first delivery. Stay tuned for more arrivals.