New Brand in Beam, Matiere Premiere Perfumes

We are proud to introduce a new perfume brand in exclusively in our selections, Matiere Premiere.

Matiere Premiere offers a wide variety of signature unisex scents with natural ingredients and best raw materials selected from different parts of the world by perfumer Aurélien Guichard.

Aurélien Guichard is widely recognized 7th. generation perfumer with over 20 years of perfume creation experience.

The selection consists of 7 different scents, that each one has one core note that is enforced by other carefully selected ingredients.

Parisian Musc

Initial idea: “A woody musc”

Main ingredient: Ambrette Seed Peru

Creative approach: Around the Ambrette, reinforce the woody note with Virginia Cedar Oil. The musky facet is amplified Ambrettolide Supreme. Ambroxan is used to bind wood to musks.

6 ml, 29€ / 100 ml 190€

Cologne Cédrat

Initial idea: “A trail of citrus notes”

Main ingredient: Citron Oil Italy

Creative approach: Black Pepper Oil Madagascar and Pink Pepper Oil Argentina are used to amplify the fresh spicy facet. Bergamot Oil Italy and Paraguay Mate Absolute emphasize the tea facet to prolong the freshness.

6 ml, 29€ / 100 ml 190€

Neroli Oranger

Inital Idea: “A work around the purity of orange blossom”

Main ingredient: Absolute Orange Blossom Tunisia

Creative approach: Highlight the fresh and radiant facet with Neroli Oil Lebanon and Bergamot Oil Italy. Amplify the delicate floral character with Ylang-Ylang Oil Comoros and Floral Musks.

6 ml, 29€ / 100 ml 190€

Santal Austral

Initial idea: “A sensual white wood”

Main ingredient: Organic Sandalwood Oil Australia

Creative approach: Emphasize the creamy velvet facet with an almond milk Iris Absolute Tuscany note. Strengthen the comfortable and additive facet with Benzoin Absolute Laos and Tonka Bean Absolute Venezuela.

6 ml, 29€ / 100 ml 190€

Bois D’Ébène

Initial idea: “A dark ambery wood”

Main ingredient: Guaiac Wood Oil Paraguay

Creative approach: Strengthen the wood density of Guaiac with Patchouli Oil Indonesia and Cypriol Oil India. The ambery facet is accentuated by the addition Cabreuva Oil Brazil. Juniper Berry highlights the spicy-fresh woody character.

6 ml, 29€ / 100 ml 190€

Encens Suave

Initial idea: “A black insence, addictive and carnal”

Main ingredient: Somalia Resin Incense

Creative approach: The sensuality of the Incense note is accentuated by Labdanum Absolute Andalusia and Benzoin Absolute Laos. The addictive facet is supported by Coffee Extraction Venezuela and Vanilla Absolute Madagascar.

6 ml, 29€ / 100 ml 190€

Radical Rose

Initial idea: “An overdose of Rose Absolute”

Main ingredient: Rose Centifolia Absolute France, extracted from roses organically

Creative approach: Work on the highest concentration in the world of Rose Centifolia
Absolute. Exacerbate the bright, spicy facets of the Rose with Saffron and Pepper Berries
Oil Jamaica. Highlight the dark, woody facets with Patchouli Oil Indonesia and
Labdanum Absolute Andalusia.

6 ml, 29€ / 100 ml 190€


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