RAF SIMONS (RUNNER) – Introducing the new collection

RAF SIMONS introduces a new line of sportswear-influenced and facilitating footwear: RAF SIMONS (RUNNER).

Independently designed and manufactured by RAF SIMONS, the range of the collection showcases entirely new styles and iterations in different colorways.

An investigation of form and function and an exploration of shape, the typical silhouettes of sports sneakers are challenged and re-proposed. A focus on natural materials – leather and suede – and on molded heel forms mark out the range, alongside technical innovations.

The Fall/Winter 20 collection is the initial step of a long-term project, to be expanded and explored in subsequent seasons.

The selection available in Beam concentrates on black and white colored designs of the new styles. Please see below for the models and colorways now available online and in-store.

The Antei style comes with removable and interchangeable pairs of upper tongues, one in suede and the other in leather.